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What We Do

Consortium Networks' intelligence platform is your portal to the truth about the physical and cybersecurity products you are evaluating today. The Consortium is the first organization dedicated to providing real-world feedback and data on tools used in production environments at peer organizations. This data will:

  • Save you significant time when selecting new technologies
  • Help improve your security posture
  • Make better more cost effective decision
  • Cut through the marketing with unbiased testing
  • Share best practices with senior CISOs

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Join our community to receive first-hand, unfiltered reviews - not from paid industry analysts - but from end-users with first-hand experience with the product deployment. And, the best part is it only costs you your time.

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"I go to all the events and I'm just inundated with marketing noise of vendors. I couldn't tell you one vendor from another. The Consortium shows me how other companies are using solutions and what is working in their environment. That just makes sense."

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